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Learn about the basics of sounds in English

14 Lessons included in this course

Simple and direct video lessons for natural English

Avid English is a series of English courses that are all about speaking and listening. You'll watch short, direct videos which target natural language and everyday use. We focus on how English is spoken, used and heard in the real world. Each Core Course has 40 short and engaging videos which use native pronunciation, natural context, and dynamic presentations. There are loads of supporting exercises to test your listening and comprehension skills.        

Learn Natural Speaking

With video presentations which focus on speaking, you'll learn to mimic native speakers.

Access Hundreds of Exercises

Avid's exercises follow the video lesson and reinforce your learning. Win badges and certificates as you progress and try for a perfect score.

Join a Community of Learners

Join in with forum discussions on every lesson and join the worldwide community learning to improve their English.

£ 49.99

Save 20% when you buy two courses together! The Intermediate Bundle is perfect for pre-intermediate and intermediate students (A2-B1 CEFR). Learn how to speak and understand English in just 15 minutes a day. The Intermediate Bundle has 80 video lessons and hundreds of listening and comprehension exercises. All this for only £49.99!Join Avid English today and our unique video lessons show you how English really works.

2 Courses included in this bundle


Speaking and Listening

170 Lessons included in this course


Speaking and Listening

175 Lessons included in this course


Speaking and Listening

170 Lessons included in this course

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