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Welcome to Avid English Level 1. You will learn how to speak and listen to natural English. This level is for BEGINNER/CEFR A1 students. 

There are 40 lessons. Each lesson has 4 tasks.

1. Watch a video presentation on how to use and hear vocabulary/grammar

2. Answer some check questions on the video presentation

3. Listen to the questions. Choose what you hear. 

4. Listen to the answers. Choose what you hear.

After 20 lessons:

You can...

say hello, your name and ask my name / ask what it is and say what it is / say it's and it isn’t / use my, your, his, her, our, your, and their / use the verb to be / say the letters of the alphabet / spell words and ask me to spell words / use prepositions and adjectives / say the time and ask the time / say where you're from and ask where I'm from / say how many there are and ask how many there are.

You can talk about...

singular and plural / your face, head, hair, hands, arms and legs / cities and countries / colours / days of the week, today and tomorrow / months of the year / opposites / clothes / numbers, pounds and pence / what there is and what there are.

After 40 lessons:

You can...

use the articles a and an / say what is here or there / use this, that and these, those / use whose and possessives / use irregular plurals: children, people, men and women / say please and thank you and use the imperative / ask questions and say the answer is right or wrong / ask questions with do and does, and say negative sentences with don’t and doesn’t / use question words: what, where, when and who.

You can talk about...

the rooms in your house / animals and insects / what you like and don’t like / tea and coffee with or without milk and sugar / parts of speech: verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions and articles / the subject and object of a sentence / languages that we speak, teach and study / your favourite fruit and vegetables / food and drink / what you have and she has / work and jobs / your family and how old people are.         

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Level 3 Lesson 1 Practice

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Alex has been a teacher since 2002. He has lived and taught in Tokyo, Rome and London. He authored the Teachers' Books and Books 7 & 8 in the Avalon Quantum English series. He part-owns a pub and supports Aston Villa football club.

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