Introduction to Phonemes & Pronunciation

Introduction to Phonemes & Pronunciation

Learn about the basics of sounds in English

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Introduction to Phonemes & Pronunciation is a great way to begin your Avid English Online course. We introduce you to the phonetic symbols used in all our courses and why learning about pronunciation is so important to improving your listening and speaking skills.

Watch a series of short videos followed by exercises that practise your listening skills. This course is FREE so get started today and get ready for all our Avid English Online courses. 

Course content


Introduction to Phonemes & Pronunciation Video

Vowel Sounds

Short Vowel Sounds Video

Long Vowel Sounds Video

Vowel Phonemes Quiz

Vowel Sounds Quiz


Diphthongs Video

Diphthong Phonemes Quiz

Diphthong Sounds Quiz


Unvoiced Consonants Video

Voiced Consonants Video

Consonant Phonemes Quiz

Consonant Sounds Quiz


The secret of phonemes video

Final Phonemes Quiz

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Can I use the course on my phone?

Yes you can. Our courses are all optimised for mobile web browsers.

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Alex has been a teacher since 2002. He has lived and taught in Tokyo, Rome and London. He authored the Teachers' Books and Books 7 & 8 in the Avalon Quantum English series. He part-owns a pub and supports Aston Villa football club.


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