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Level 2

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Welcome to Avid English Level 2. You will learn how to speak and listen to natural English. This level is for ELEMENTARY/CEFR A1-A2 students. 

There are 40 lessons. Each lesson has 4 tasks. 

1. Watch a video presentation on how to use and hear vocabulary/grammar

2. Answer some check questions on the video presentation

3. Listen to the questions. Choose what you hear. 

4. Listen to the answers. Choose what you hear.

After 20 lessons:

You can...

use any and some with countable and uncountable nouns / use a lot with verbs and lots of with nouns / ask questions with do you ever...? / use adverbs of frequency: sometimes, always, often and never / use very and quite with adjectives / say it’s the same as or different from / use together and with / use subject and object pronouns 

You can talk about...

where you keep things / the furniture you have in your house / how much you eat and drink / what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner / how often you do something.what’s at the beginning, middle and end, top and bottom / what’s on the left or right-hand side and in the corner / what kind of things you like or prefer / what you like doing and prefer doing / what you listen to and watch on TV / what the weather's like. 

After 40 lessons:

You can... use all and every / use people pronouns: anyone, someone, everyone and no-one / say what you understand and ask what a word means / use thing pronouns: anything, something, everything and nothing / use but as a conjunction / ask how far it is and say it’s a long way or it’s not far / use both, only, else and also / ask how much something is. 

You can talk about...

where you live and what you like cooking / what you think and what you know / what people do at the weekend / where you go to / the things you can and can’t do well / what we ride, drive and fly / playing sport and games, and say what you're good at / the things you use / what you do at home, at school, at work, on the bus, on the train and in your room /  dates, birthdays and use date numbers: first, second, third etc. / going shopping and what you buy / paying for things in cash or by card and what people earn.      

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